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University of Kentucky Internal Audit (UKIA) issues an annual report each fiscal year. These reports summarize UKIA activities, as well as provide useful data for benchmarking the effectiveness of our operations. 

Recent Report

FY20-21 Annual Report

Throughout this past year, the UK community showed remarkable ingenuity, resilience and compassion as we worked together to achieve our primary goals of educating students, caring for patients and elevating Kentucky during some of the most trying times our state and nation have ever faced. New technology was implemented, new initiatives were launched and, as many of us adapted to hybrid schedules and working from home, new processes and procedures were developed to ensure that our students and all those who rely on UK across the commonwealth would have no service disruptions...

Past Reports

Fiscal Year 2019-20

While Fiscal Year (FY) 2019-20 began as an ordinary year for UKIA, with the most aggressive aspect of its strategic objectives being preparations for its five-year quality assessment review, the year finished as anything but ordinary as coronavirus cases were on the rise across the United States and UK Internal Audit staff found themselves, like most others across the University, adjusting to a whole new way of conducting business, which included setting up remote offices and navigating Zoom meetings...

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Fiscal Year 2018-19

University of Kentucky Internal Audit (UKIA) assists the University management,  administration, and Board of Trustees in the effective discharge of their fiduciary and  administrative responsibilities by providing independent, objective assurance, and consulting services to evaluate risk management, controls and governance processes. By monitoring areas of potential vulnerability and pursuing preventive measures, the department assists all members of the University community to comply with policies and procedures and uphold the highest standards of business conduct...

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Fiscal Year 2017-18

University of Kentucky Internal Audit (UKIA) was formed 60 years ago to assist the University management and administration and the Board of Trustees with the effective discharge of their fiduciary and administrative responsibilities. Since that time, UKIA has continued to evolve, going beyond the standard process reviews for compliance to provide comprehensive “big picture” evaluations to promote strong governance, enhanced risk management, effective internal controls, and efficient operations.

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Fiscal Year 2013-14

Fiscal Year 2010-11

Fiscal Year 2009-10

Fiscal Year 2008-09