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Reporting Tool

Please use this form to report unusual or inappropriate activities and behavior. This form is completely anonymous; however, UKIA recommends providing your contact information so that we may contact you for further information.

Ask an Auditor

Use this form to ask one of UKIA's auditors a question  about a policy, procedure or practice in your unit. If your question relates to suspected fraud, please visit our Anonymous Reporting page.


Each quarter, UKIA hosts Lessons Learned, a virtual training event where UK Internal Audit shares information about actual incidents or activities that have occurred here at UK or at other institutions across the nation and discusses how to reduce the risks associated with these "hot topics."

About Us

UK Internal Audit’s (UKIA) authority stems from a University of Kentucky Board of Trustees' resolution dated April 1, 1941, which indicates that all financial affairs of the University of Kentucky must be monitored. UKIA was officially created in 1958. 

Audit Services

UKIA provides 10 different services to assist the University in achieving its fiduciary goals, including consulting services and training for UK units which help to ensure that programs both new and old operate as efficiently and effectively as possible.  Click here for a complete description of all the services UKIA offers.


UKIA’s experienced team of audit consultants review and analyze the accuracy and completeness of financial and IT records as well as the adequacy and appropriateness of departmental practices to provide reasonable assurance to the university that units are in compliance with all applicable policies, regulations, industry standards and laws. They are supported by a strong infrastructure team that assists the auditors by ensuring efficient processes and effective communication of audit results.

UK Conflicts of Interest Action Plan

The Office of the President has developed a University COI Action Plan to ensure that all types of conflicts of interest (COI), including conflicts of commitment (COC) and foreign influence (FI), are disclosed and properly managed across the enterprise, from the highest levels in the administration to the departments and units located both on campus and throughout the Commonwealth.

Guidance for Units and Departments

As we conduct our reviews, we help our clients find ways to improve their operations. Often, this guidance can be useful to other units as well. Such tools can help with everything from asset management to reconciliations and more. Click here for a complete list, as well as links to other university resources.


For a UKIA staff directory as well as other ways to get in touch with UKIA, click here.

More this to Contact page. All University employees are responsible for reporting unusual, illegal or dishonest activity. For instructions on reporting, you may call the UK Anonymous Reporting Service at 877-898-6072 or visit the Comply Line website. You may also report anonymously to UKIA here. You can also reach UKPD at (859) 257-UKPD (8573) or visit the UKPD website here.  


Partnerships: Eight unique partnerships were established that were predominantly focused on helping the university to validate cost savings initiatives, confirm appropriate compensation and improve monitoring protocols for purchasing.


Contacts: This is a conservative estimate, based on the first six months of this fiscal year, during which 13 contacts were documented and the historical averages for this metric since we began tracking contacts in FY 2017-18.


Productivity: UKIA had 23,221 total hours dedicated to projects, of which 16,411 were devoted to audit projects. Furthermore, UKIA averaged 70.67 percent between the audit staff and the audit managers.


Client satisfaction: UKIA surveys its audit clients to obtain insight on auditors’ professionalism, preparation and communication, as well as feedback on the clarity and effectiveness of the audit report and recommendations. For FY 2020-21, the overall score was 4.0/5.0.


Audit coverage: UKIA’s audit coverage metric measures the degree to which the processes, units and applications noted in its FY 2020-21 Work Prioritization were evaluated and addressed through the reviews conducted throughout the year.


Audit duration: UKIA'S dynamic work prioritization enables us to adapt as new risks emerge. As a result, audit duration must be measured in terms of hours expended rather than in weeks. However, UKIA was 4.74% over budget. UKIA attributes the slight overage to adapting to working from home and the use of new tools and methods to complete assignments, e.g., Zoom meetings and confined home workspaces that do not allow for multiple monitors, etc.

UKIA FY 2021-25 Strategic Plan

UKIA recently completed its 2021-25 Strategic Plan. A first for UKIA, this plan includes seven initiatives that were identified as priorities by UKIA staff through a multi-step process:

UK Internal Audit Adjusts Focus and Operations in Response to COVID-19

Like many other departments across the University, the UKIA staff is modifying its operations in response to COVID-19. Effective Wednesday, March 18, UKIA employees began working from their homes. Additionally, UKIA will shift its focus to help the University minimize any emerging risks as we all adapt to this new working environment.