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Like many other departments across the University, the UKIA staff is modifying its operations in response to COVID-19. Effective Wednesday, March 18, UKIA employees began working from their homes. Additionally, UKIA will shift its focus to help the University minimize any emerging risks as we all adapt to this new working environment.

With so many employees working remotely, some operational procedures across the University will have to be adjusted. Some operations may cease altogether, while others must be amended to accommodate remote activity. Such changes made in the interest of expediency may expose the University to new risks, particularly in the areas of cash handling, procurement and Information Technology (IT). Accordingly, UKIA is taking the following measures to ensure that the work we do remains in lock-step with the needs of the University:

  • We are offering consultations to all units and departments to provide reasonable assurance that appropriate controls are in place as you transition to a remote working environment.
  • We will increase IT reviews to ensure that telework does not elevate the University’s information security exposure.
  • Inquiries and investigations will continue to be a priority.
  • We will continue data mining activity in the background to provide assurance with minimal disruption to University operations.

In the interest of social distancing, the results of reviews that are currently near completion will be shared via Zoom rather than in-person. Final reports will continue to be distributed to the client, University administration, stakeholders and the Audit and Compliance Committee of the Board of Trustees as appropriate.

If you would like to schedule a consultation to have your critical processes evaluated for potential risks, or if you have any questions regarding a review that is already underway, please email or call (859) 257-3126. For more information about UKIA’s audit services, please visit UKIA Audit Services on our website.